Greenlight Fraudsters: Asset-Flip Developer Dentola Studios Files Bogus Copyright Claim

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Dentola Studios is a shady indie developer peddling premade Unity store projects and trying to sell them via Steam Greenlight. How do I know this for a fact? Because the photo above and the photo below are both the exact same thing, however they come from two sources: The first, said shady developer’s Steam Greenlight page. The second, the Unity asset store it was purchased from for $20 USD. We have officially hit a low point.

But let’s continue, because Dentola Studios, whose titles are now under the name Jaffstook, a guy so trustworthy that he actually has a VAC ban on his account, has been religiously deleting any comments showing where you can buy said asset packs for a mere $20. First is Escape From The Tribe, better known as Archer Hero Must Die. There is Castle Defense, or Monster Defense. There’s Endorforce, I could honestly go on all day, or more accurately however long it would take to list all six games.

In response to criticism from Youtubers like SidAlpha, Dentola Studios has begun filing bogus copyright claims. This studio is claiming copyright on a game that they didn’t make, just purchased a license for, compiled, and threw on Greenlight to hopefully sell. Dentola has no more rightful ownership of their games than a Craigslist seller claiming copyright on the Tonka Truck name.

One statement that I will say for the record is that while they may be blatantly shady folks with no discernable programming talent and an evidently bankrupt moral code, there is no evidence of Dentola doing anything illegal. Like it or not, the premade packs on the Unity Store are perfectly fine with someone buying the product and selling it as is.

Now filing a bogus DMCA takedown is potentially illegal, because you do so under the penalty of perjury which can result in fines and even jail time should action be taken against the aggressor (pro tip: In cases like this it usually never is). For Dentola Studios, no doubt oblivious to the can of worms that they have just opened, this assuredly means nothing less than a reputation tattered and burning, their actions stamped into the internet’s history forever, and a gaggle of Greenlight watchdogs ready to follow them and document their deeds for the rest of their lives.

I’ll leave you with these words: If you want to know what happens when you act like this, take a look at James Romine’s desperate attempts to rebuild his shattered reputation after the Digital Homicide saga. Go to a man whose name is now synonymous with internet villains and ask him if it was all worth it. Also all editorial complaints are to be directed to contact[at]mmofallout[dot]com.

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