The Culling Origins: Who Are The Bots?

I dox bots for a game nobody is playing right here.

The Culling is a high quality product that has been thoroughly tested, but some of MMO Fallout’s viewers might be playing this game and wondering just how many of your opponents are bots. Either that or they want to watch a high speed car crash in slow motion.

Let me settle your anxiety; most of your opponents in this game are going to be bots. But just so you can be sure, I compiled a list of bot names as they tend to be recycled from offline to online use and Xaviant didn’t create many of them.

This list subject to change:

  • Balthasar
  • Bam Bam
  • Becky
  • Big Purp
  • Blue PC
  • Dr. Bonesaw
  • El Patriot
  • Frank
  • Hjordis
  • Lord Xelnous
  • Mandroid 5000
  • PartyBoy
  • Sylvia Tryheart
  • The Bandit
  • Tony The Ninja
  • Turbo-Analysis
  • Twinkletoes
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