Mortal Online 2 Has A $2,500 “Donation Package”

With a lifetime subscription.

Mortal Online 2 is on its way from Star Vault, makers of the definitely-a-thing survival sandbox MMORPG Mortal Online. If you’ve been itching at the opportunity to drop thousands of dollars on another Star Vault property well that time is on its way.

Star Vault has unveiled donation packages for Mortal Online 2 with the least expensive option running $39 and containing access to the Mortal Online 2 alpha, the client, a one month subscription, and two months subscription to Mortal Online 1. If you really have some stimulus money burning a hole in your pocket however you can shell out for the $2,500 loot bag.

Not only do you get lifetime membership to both Mortal Online versions, you also get a limited, hand-printed loot bag from 2009 along with a cryptic key, and you get a 1:1 scale 3D replica of the Draconigena Armatus helmet. It’s famous according to Star Vault, and apparently secretive since I couldn’t find a screenshot of this “famous” helmet online.

Source: Mortal Online 2

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