Marvel’s Avengers Continues Its Tacky Marketing Scheme

Now with mobile provider exclusives.

Marvel Avengers has had its first beta weekend and the results are coming in. Not everyone is impressed. Even less people are impressed with Square Enix’s dare we say anti-consumer policies regarding the game and its ongoing marketing. Last week we learned that Spider Man will be exclusive to the PlayStation because nothing says anti-consumer quite like Sony Interactive Entertainment. As I noted in a prior editorial the only people who lose out here are everyone but especially Spider Man fans who will now have to sit back and watch as Crystal Dynamics cannot possibly make the web slinger an integral part of the game’s story.

But it gets worse. Square Enix has decided to up the ante in tacky product tie-ins by partnering with Verizon and Virgin Media to provide exclusive skins if you are using the correct phone service. Five thousand Verizon Up members will have the opportunity to grab a digital copy of Marvel Avengers at no cost (first come, first serve) and receive exclusive costumes.

Don’t worry, rest of the world, these costumes are ugly.

The Intel-specific costumes are a bit cooler and retro-inspired with the possible exception of the Hulk.

You can even get special emotes and nameplates by buying Five Gum. It feels like parody, except it’s real.

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