Yoozoo Games CEO Dies From Poisoning

Police have arrested a subordinate suspected of murder.

Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi passed away earlier this year after being hospitalized just a few days ago. Lin was 39. Yoozoo Games posted an announcement (Chinese) without giving a reason for his death, however Shanghai police have arrested a 39 year old man only identified as a Mr. Xu, a co-worker of Lin Qi, and that the cause of death has been ruled a poisoning. Mr. Xu is believed to be Xu Yao, CEO of subsidiary Three-Body Universe.

Yoozoo Games is most known for titles including League of Angels and Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. The company had just recently signed a deal with Netflix to adapt the novel The Three-Body Problem into a video series.

The motive is still unknown.

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