Hotcakes: Game Cheats Are Way Too Expensive

I’m not made of money.

Valorant had another ban wave and that was originally going to be the crux of this article at the tail end of last week. That is until I realized that the news was already several days old and (at the time) partially unverified. However something else caught my eye.

There’s a little detail about modern game cheating that the general public knows but doesn’t really commit to memory, and it’s mostly because you see it in articles and your brain realizes you’d feel less sad not remembering it. Modern game cheaters pay an unreasonable amount for their cheats. Now obviously this isn’t the case for every game, but when it comes to titles with more diligent and well-funded developers (Valorant in this case) then creating “undetectable” cheats ends up costing a premium.

Also cheaters are really, really, really stupid. I mean as people.

My mind has been replaying one specific bit of information after reading about the recent Valorant cheat ban, and it is the fact that the developer charged $600 for a lifetime pass or $13 per day. Thirteen dollars per day! That’s the cost of a month of Final Fantasy XIV, for a single day’s access to being an anti-social loser and feeding your artificial ego while ironically showing how pathetically fragile it is. Now the expensive daily cost is surely to make the $600 lifetime pass seem more reasonable by comparison. $400 per month or $600 for life?

My favorite story to come of this was a guy who bought the lifetime pass and cheated using an account that he spent just as much money, if not more, on premium skins for the game. So now he’s out on both since the cheat maker has shut down following a lawsuit from Riot Games. Even more people are freaking out because since Riot enacts hardware ID bans the people who cheated on alt accounts are still seeing their mains (with their purchases) permanently banned from Valorant all the same.

Get wrecked, as the kids say. Of course that’s just my take on the subject.

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