Outriders Will Watermark Cheater Gameplay

Letting the world know you are a dirty, dirty cheater.

Today’s “well that’s certainly a thing” story comes to us from Outriders, the looter shooter set to launch in just a week. Developer People Can Fly issued a statement on Reddit¬†explaining how the company plans on dealing with cheaters. The most obvious is no matchmaking with normal players. Solo will be unaffected.

But where People Can Fly differ is in a promise to implement a discrete HUD indicator that the account has been flagged. The watermark will be discrete but visible, according to the post which presumably means it won’t interfere with gameplay but will still be obvious to outside observers. It is possible to remove this watermark if you cheated during the demo. You just need to delete any characters and progress before launch.

Since someone will inevitably get the watermark, MMO Fallout will update with what it looks like. Outriders launches April 1.

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