Game Devs of Color Expo Shows Panels

Panels and speakers.

The annual Game Developers of Color Expo runs this September from the 23 to the 27 and the starting lineup list of speakers and panels has been present to the public this week. This year includes talks from developers behind Button City, GNOG, LIONKILLER, She Dreams Elsewhere, Sephonie, Validate, and more.

Fan favorite host DaPurpleSharpie is back this year talking to developers from Subliminal (Button City), Soft Not Weak (Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 to), Aerial_Knight, DragonBear Studios (Innchanted), Plethora Project (Common’hood), insertdisc5 (START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue), Fishean Studio (Our America VR), Somber Pixel (Night Reverie), Analgesic Productions (Sephonie), Team Midautumn, Studio Zevere (She Dreams Elsewhere), and Danny Fisher.

“From the very beginning, we’ve worked to create a space and an industry that we can all enjoy,” said Chris Algoo. “The excitement we receive every year from attendees, sponsors, and devs is pushing us forward to create the biggest and best Game Devs of Color Expo in 2021.”

The full lineup will be revealed at a future date.

Game Devs of Color Expo began in 2016 to amplify the voices of people of color. The expo has seen massive growth in the last few years. Attendees can purchase tickets for as low as $20 with need-based tickets available upon request.

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