Blizzard Head of HR Jesse Meschuk Is Gone

Meschuk’s department is accused of facilitating abuse.

If today has shown anything, it’s that the heads at Activision Blizzard aren’t done rolling. Following today’s news of the departure of Blizzard lead J. Allen Brack as well as Craig Morrison, Blizzard confirmed that head of HR Jesse Meschuk has left the company. The news was confirmed by Blizzard to The Verge, who also noted that Meshuck’s Twitter account has been completely deleted as of this writing.

Jesse Meschuk’s department has played a big role in the Activision Blizzard lawsuit by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, with claims that HR employees were close friends with abusers at the company, and treated complaints of abuse and harassment by telling employees to “suck it up” while refusing to act on reports and in some cases allegedly retaliating against the employees filing said reports.

While Activision Blizzard’s statement does not describe Meschuk’s departure as a firing, it’s hard to imagine there’s no connection between him suddenly leaving the company and the ongoing lawsuit accusing his department of failing to protect victims of abuse while simultaneously protecting the alleged perpetrators of that abuse.

It stands to reason that Meschuk will not be the last management departure we hear of.

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