Neverwinter Offers 100 Free Incentives

Presumably to make up for last week’s issues.

Neverwinter players, I have some good news. Last week’s Neverwinter update brought with it a promotion to incentivize creating new characters and running them through the revamped leveling experience. The problem? That system was broken for characters created during roughly the first day or so. At the time Perfect World flat out refused to compensate players affected by the bug, but this week’s update appears to be trying to make amends for that.

Today’s patch notes mention that players can redeem 100 Neverwinter Incentives from the Rewards Claim Agent for the next week.

100 Neverwinter Incentives are now claimable from the Reward Claims Agent. They will be claimable until next week’s maintenance.

In addition the redeemed citadel store now sells weapons for bards. Because Perfect World broke Bards getting weapons from the Greycloak gear pack and still hasn’t fixed it.

Source: Patch Notes

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