AbleGamers Charity Drive Breaks One Million

AbleGamers hits charity goal.

And now for something heartwarming.

Able Gamers is riding high after its latest charity drive broke one million dollars in donations for gamers with disabilities. COO Steven Spohn took to Twitter to announce the achievement yesterday and the internet is still going nuts in its celebration. The donation drive is all part of the Spawn Together charity event that kicked off earlier this year as part of an initiative to raise $1 million dollars for the organization to celebrate Steven Spohn turning 40.

Founded in 2004, Able Gamers is a charity organization that runs scholarships, works with developers to make their games more accessible, and provides resources to assist players in getting much needed peripherals. The charity event is still accepting donations at this time for those who wish to make a last minute contribution. For more information on Able Gamers, check out the official website.

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