Marvel’s Avengers Adds Arachnophobia Warning

For people afraid of arachnos.

Spiders. They’re not just delicious grilled and smothered in nacho cheese, but a fair number of people are absolutely terrified of the eight legged puppers. Did you know that? I did. They call it arachnophobia. It’s prevalent enough that the folks making Grounded added in a whole arachnophobia game mode that changes the spiders with terrifying floating blobs.

Eagle-eyed gamers might have noticed a change to the Marvel’s Avengers warning screen today, and that change introduces a new warning for arachnophobes. The new War For Wakanda content includes big spider robots as opposed to their fictional biological counterparts. They’re spider robots, but they’re spiders nonetheless.

There are no options to turn the spiders off other than to avoid War For Wakanda content. If you’re afraid of Spider Man you can just play on any non-PlayStation system when he gets added in five years after the nuclear apocalypse.

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