Tripwire President Sparks Twitter Anger

John Gibson’s support of Texas abortion law sparks backlash against company.

Update: Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 are predictably getting review bombed on Steam. We can probably expect Valve to expunge the score of all reviews over the next few days, positive and negative. We should also point out that posting bigoted memes as your review has resulted in Valve handing out permanent community bans in the past.

Original: Calls for a boycott of Tripwire Interactive kicked off Saturday afternoon after president John Gibson tweeted support for the Texas anti-abortion law. For those not steeped in American politics, Texas recently passed a law that not only outlaws abortion after six weeks, but bypasses constitutional protections by placing the average citizen in charge of enforcing it rather than a state agency. The Supreme Court received a request for an emergency stop and refused to hear it, which is not an approval but it means the law must be contested via standard procedure.

Shockingly a lot of people are upset about this decision as it leaves many women in Texas in a potentially dangerous state until the law is challenged in court. For John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive, the decision was something to be proud enough of to post it on Twitter.

Tripwire titles include Killing Floor, Maneater, and more.

Responses from other industry members have been rolling in from customers stating they will no longer buy Tripwire games, members of the press/streamers stating they will no longer cover Tripwire games, and other game developers stating they want nothing to do with Gibson.

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