Steam: Konami’s New Soccer Game Sets Records

Everyone hates it.

Earlier this year Konami announced that football franchise PES would undergo a name change to eFootball, and that the brand would transition to a free to play model going forward. The announcement left the internet wondering, does this mean players can expect bottom-tier quality now that the game is dumping its box price and going the route of potentially predatory microtransactions? They answer of course is absolutely yes. And also likely because it’s Konami.

eFootball 2022 is here and in one day it has become the most hated game on Steam. As of this publishing the game has over 10,000 reviews with an 8% overwhelmingly negative user score. A lot of the criticism is being lobbied toward the game feeling like a cheap mobile port, with virtually every aspect of the game being put under the microscope. Twitter of course is having a field day mocking the look of character models, including the eldritch abominations Konami decided to populate the stands with.

This is what covid has done to football fans.

eFootball 2022 currently stands as the worst rated game of all time on Steam, below the horrendously received Leviathan DLC to Europa Universalis IV. Those are the only two titles to carry a sub-10% rating according to Steam’s game list. Just look at these beautiful people.

Imagine all those people coming to your house for Halloween.

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