PSA: How To Redeem Elyon Twitch Drops

Because it’s a little convoluted.

Today’s PSA comes to us from Kakao Games and Elyon, because some people might be confused on where their Twitch drops are and why they aren’t being mailed to their characters. If you follow the Twitch scene then you know that Elyon is giving away a number of drops including daily stream drops if you watch an hour per day of Elyon’s streaming.

What you may not know is how to redeem those drops. The first step of course is to connect your Twitch and Kakao accounts. Step two is to go on Twitch and watch a participating channel (they will have drops enabled on their tags) until you’ve watched long enough to receive a drop. Step three is to claim the drop from the Twitch drops page.

Step four is to go over to the Kakao account management website. Log in and you’ll see a page for “web inventory.” You need to go to this page and find your stream drops. Select the items you wish to redeem, select the region your character is in, and then send the items. When you log in to Elyon your character will have mail waiting them with the items attached.

And that’s basically the gist of it.

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