Hotcakes: Downvotes Only Skin Deep

Nintendorks need to put their money where their mouth is.

Those of you who read this site and follow me on social media know that my interest in most social media campaigns is virtually nil. I can barely muster the will to pay attention to YouTube downvotes or boycotts or review bombings on Steam simply because 90% of the time they are meaningless. If you don’t believe me, just look at the boycott of Left 4 Dead 2. Then there’s the rare 10% where they do lead to more meaningful results.

And I should note that I have no problem with people expressing their dissatisfaction in pretty much any way that doesn’t involve sending death threats or harassment. There’s a non-zero chance that gaming outlets are going to be posting about how Nintendo’s Switch Expansion Pack trailer is the most downvoted video in the company’s history. People hate it so much, they hate it more than Federation Force. And they really hated Federation Force.

For those left unawares, the Nintendo Switch expansion pack was announced with a massive price increase over the standard model. $50/year compared to $20 nets you a handful of N64 and Genesis games, as well as Animal Crossing’s upcoming expansion access for the year. While the initial reaction may be deemed knee-jerk, the service then rolled out and boy is it bad.

Genesis games for what it’s worth seem to work perfectly. Nintendo 64 titles meanwhile are suffering thanks to what appears to be a shoddy emulator built by Nintendo. Because why would Nintendo know anything about emulating games for their own console on their own console?

Nintendo can be ridiculously stupid at times, but they’re not dumb. All you have to do is look through the company history to see how little they appear to care about public perception or bad press. What they’ll be looking at at the end of the day is how many people subscribe to this new tier and whether or not it meets expectations of the shareholders. Then and only then, if it falls short, will we see them start to make amends.

It’s a guarantee that many of the people who complain about the Switch expansion price and quality are going to buy it anyway, and those people help create their own problems. If you’re part of the population that sticks to your guns, good for you. And if you’re part of the population that doesn’t care, also good for you.

But what do I know, I bought all the wireless retro controllers.

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