GameStop Accidentally BOGO’s Series S

Now let’s see if they actually ship out the systems.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like turkey, Stove Top stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, and tis the season for price mistakes. If you were a good little boy or girl, you may have perused Gamestop’s website this past day to find that Xbox Series S consoles are in stock. Not only that, but if you buy one you can tack on a three month Game Pass card for $9.99. Unfortunately the website people didn’t quite get the memo on what constitutes a three month Game Pass card.

A bundling error led to the Gamestop website paying out a $290 discount if you managed to add both the Series S console and the Fortnite console bundle to your cart. Apparently the website thought the Fortnite bundle was a three month game pass card, as it discounted the item to the promotional $9.99 for Game Pass.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this, you’re far out of luck as the price error was fixed. The Fortnite bundle has been going in and out of stock. You can still get your hands on the standard Series S, but without the discount on a second console as you can’t add the system twice to your cart. We haven’t seen any reports so far that Gamestop is cancelling orders.

Gamestop did not respond to our request for comment by publication time.

Source: Neogaf

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