Square Enix Brings Back /Pizza With FFXIV


Those of you young folks may not remember a day when ordering food over the internet wasn’t just a novelty, it was something that didn’t really exist. Sure you had one or two places that might be able to handle an order, but for the most part your options were either driving out to pick it up, or making a call on a phone. Yes a call, not a text.

One of the more memorable cross-overs in MMO history is when EverQuest 2 had a short promotion with Pizza Hut where you could actually type /pizza in-game and it would bring you to a web form to order Pizza Hut pizza. The prospect might not sound so great if you don’t like Pizza Hut, but trust me when I say it was a crazy concept back in 2005.

Final Fantasy XIV is bringing back /pizza. Kind of. Starting December 9 and running through December 15, you can use Grubhub to get free delivery on pizza. Just use promo code “ENDWALKER” on an order of $15 or more to get free delivery from any restaurant. By using the code, you’ll also be sent an Eat Pizza emote for Final Fantasy XIV.

Get pizza, eat pizza, eat pizza. Pizza.

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