PUBG Opens Itself To Rampant Hacking

Once it’s done with a multi-day maintenance.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is free to play. Well, as of right now it is free to download. The free to play part comes on January 12 when the servers come back online and presumably after the game recovers from the deluge of negative Steam reviews complaining about how the servers aren’t working. Free to play brings in a big chunk of new content including a training mode that for some reason has a limit of 10 matches per account as well as a goodie bag for those who already owned the game.

But what everyone can look forward to is the tidal wave of aimbots and cheat accounts that will overwhelm the game once it goes live. And boy howdy will there be a lot of cheaters in this game that already bans several hundred thousand cheaters every month.

Have fun.

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