Foxhole Suffers Labor Strike

As players demand better working conditions.

War is hell and Foxhole players are pissed. This week’s news you didn’t expect comes to us from the virtual frontlines of World War 2, where the MMO Foxhole is dealing with a resource shortage. The cause? A labor strike. Over 1,800 players joining a union to go on strike over logistics issues with how the game works.

Foxhole is an open world WW2 game where players can take part in the war by joining in on manufacturing and supplying the frontlines, as well as fighting in them. The demands by the LOGI union are related to the competitive, often toxic nature of acquiring early game components, as well as time and tediousness of various aspects of the process.

The cumulative effects of changes made to other systems within Foxhole have increased the stress and responsibility placed on the Logistics player base. We believe that Foxhole should not have a gameplay experience that causes its players this much frustration.

Certainly a bold strategy. The LOGI union claims that their goal is not to disrupt the game, but to bring a dialogue between the developer and players.

We have no desire to disrupt the balance of the game, nor do we intend to make the game less engaging or fun for anyone. Our goals are forging a healthy dialogue between the developers and our community, increased player retention, and an improved gameplay experience.

Foxhole currently holds an 83% very positive rating on Steam.

Source: NME

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