Broken Ranks $91 Outfits Are A Lot

And some players aren’t really happy.

Broken Ranks is out and after some launch day woes the game appears to be keeping somewhat stable. While I was adventuring about in-game last night, I noticed a large number of players in chat complaining about the insane prices of the cash shop. The mods online for their part simply recommended those players voice their opinions on the Discord. So I decided to do some digging and see what they were complaining about.

The base price for Platinum is $2 for 50, or roughly 4 cents per platinum. At higher costs it goes down pretty steeply. It costs 20 cents to add a single friend slot. A month of premium costs 350 platinum, or $14 at base price. You can however buy a stack of 250 and 100 for a combined cost of $10.98. Which isn’t a bad price for a monthly premium subscription. Premium gives +26% exp and gold, as well as 300 backpack space, 40% resting speed, 30% lower death penalty, and +2 premade strategies. That’s not bad.

What has players really fuming are the gear sets that rank in at 3500 platinum. These sets include seven cosmetics and for the record they look pretty damn cool. How much do they cost? Don’t you peek back at the headline. 3500 platinum will set you back $91.46, provided you buy the 2000 platinum pack plus three of the 500 platinum packs.

Over $90 for a single cosmetic set of armor. That is Valorant pricing.

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