CF Update: Jeremy Soule Quietly Releases Music

A two and a half year update.

Updated Story: A few people have been reaching out to correct this article over the last day. It turns out that Jeremy Soule did not in fact make this music. Who did? Someone named Kyle Preston. Fantasy Realm was released on March 13, 2022 under the user name Rubric with Preston behind all of it. Apparently somewhere down the line Apple just mislabeled the music as being from Jeremy Soule. They did correctly label the company as Hyper Midi, which we can confirm is owned by Kyle Preston.

Unfortunately this is the combined efforts of when a reasonably accountable source (Apple) gets it wrong and the source we would normally reach out to for comment (Jeremy Soule) has gone completely radio silent. Soule’s website kicks us over to the Max Steiner Agency for questions, and they have long since stopped answering our emails. As website scraping happens to go, the fact that iTunes listed the album under Soule’s name ensured that numerous other album-listing websites also contained that bad information, and that any indication Kyle Preston’s name was actually attached would get buried well into the further pages.

MMO Fallout apologizes for attributing Kyle Preston’s work to Jeremy Soule. You should still listen to the album though, it’s pretty good. Thank you to Anna in the comments below and everyone who is currently emailing me about this.

Original Story: Our favorite shyster is back. I’ve talked a few times before about Jeremy Soule, the infamously talented creator of many of your favorite video game soundtracks from Skyrim to Rugrats. Way back in the pre-apocalypse times of 2013, Soule laundered over a hundred thousand dollars in Kickstarter funds for The Northerner, a symphony album. Years later following not just horrible communication but a stunning lack of professionalism by both Soule and his representatives The Max Steiner Agency (Hello Gloria), it seemed pretty clear that The Northerner would never release.

And it still hasn’t. Jeremy Soule’s professional career may be done given the sexual assault allegations have resulted in him apparently being dropped from pretty much everything. But in a move that might make bitter backers even more bitter, Jeremy Soule has released another album. It’s not The Northerner, Soule seems intent on spending his years doing literally anything other than releasing the album he was paid to release.

The album is called Fantasy Realm and launched on April 8, 2022. As far as we can tell it’s only available on Apple Music. There are 11 songs on the album and it is available for the cost of $10. Shockingly there has been absolutely no press or coverage of this album releasing. I don’t even think Soule’s fans are aware of it coming out, because a cursory Google search shows no chatter of it anywhere. MMO Fallout will likely be the first and last of the gaming press, let alone music press, let alone the press, to notice and talk about this album.

Twitter hasn’t even noticed.

After listening to the previews available on Apple Music, I can confirm that Jeremy Soule has never been accused of being talentless and that continues with this album. If you’d rather hear from me that it sucks so you don’t feel tempted to listen to it (given Soule’s numerous assault allegations), well then the album sucks and don’t listen to it.

I look forward to Jeremy Soule opening up a Five Guys franchise next year in order to do literally anything other than release The Northerner.

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