War Thunder Player Leaks More Military Docs

I love the internet.

War Thunder is one of those games that provides a seemingly endless amount of entertainment for people who don’t even play the game. If you’re paying attention to the news this week you’re likely already aware that a user on the War Thunder forums was banned for posting leaked classified documents regarding a Chinese tank. Which documents? This one right here.


What’s most amusing about this story is that it happened last October. Also it happened last July. There’s probably more incidents of classified documents being posted to War Thunder’s forums and getting yeeted that we haven’t even heard about. Petty military nerds on forums leaking classified military documents and probably committing treason in their country in order to win an argument with strangers on the internet. If you want an extra chuckle, the guy who originally leaked the Challenger 2 tank details allegedly actually altered the information in the hopes of making the tank more powerful in-game.

Stay egotistical, you magnificent people.

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