Hotcakes: Wyatt Cheng Lied, Very Simply

Please don’t hit me with those technicalities.

Blizzard designer Wyatt Cheng is a liar, plain and simple. How do I know this? The lies are a dead giveaway. Diablo Immortal is out and the internet has been churning away at understanding the monetization system and how Blizzard plans on making money through this game. The results might be a little dirtier than you expected, with revelations that the game costs upwards of $100,000 to max out a single character, if not possibly more.

Streamer Zizaran took to Twitter with a post from a few months ago by Blizzard designer Wyatt Cheng stating unequivocally that the comments about Blizzard selling gear was “fabricated” and that there is no way to rank up gear using money.

And naturally Wyatt Cheng showed up in the replies and what did he do? He lied. Because he’s a liar.

This is what George Carlin would have referred to as being stunningly and embarrassingly full of it. I’ve seen a few comments here and there calling Cheng’s words “disingenuous” and it’s really just waffling around calling it what it is. A lie. A lying lie by a liar who lies, and not just one who lies but one who tries to deflect calling others liars to protect his own lies.

The idea that Diablo Immortal doesn’t sell gear is such a bold-faced lie that I’m not sure who Cheng thinks he’s fooling. Diablo Immortal cuts its gear into pieces so it can sell those pieces and then claim it’s not selling gear. Blizzard deliberately cut the most useful parts of the gear off of it so they could claim they’re not technically selling the gear or monetizing its upgrades, but monetizing the bulk of the gear’s value. Once again, I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling.

Diablo Immortal doesn’t let you rank up gear with real money, it just lets you rank up the components of the gear with real money. And acquire those components with real money. It’s totally different because I’m doing this thing with my hands while I say it. You can’t upgrade gear, just the components that make up the statistical bulk of that gear’s usefulness. Just calling gear by another name doesn’t make it not gear. It’s barely a technicality or playing semantics. It’s a carefully crafted lie that deliberately chooses its words to skirt around the truth.

Wyatt Cheng likes to talk about how concerned he is that misleading information is being spread around about Diablo Immortal, and if he wants to make a start on squashing those lies I know exactly who he should target. A Blizzard designer who goes by the name Wyatt Cheng and is peddling lies about the game’s monetization. Start with that guy.

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