Kritika Global Extends Sad Olive Branch

One new character slot.

Kritika Global is dying a sad death on Steam, with a peak concurrent player count that can’t break 75 over the last week, a 50% review score, and a developer at the helm who neither knows how to or has the interest in making a game that players might want to play for fun. Yes, ALLM Co. burned down its own toy store and now sits on the corner wondering why nobody shops there anymore.

One thing I’ve been harping on with the Steam release of Kritika Global is that the game sells character slots after your first for $50, which is approximately $50 more in value than Kritika Global is worth as a game. It’s kind of a big part of the problem with the game and why it is failing to attract any players, but it’s only one part. But rather than address the glaring issues with Kritika’s drop system, the one-hit bosses, and other garbage mechanics meant to even more aggressively push players toward the cash shop and extremely expensive alts, Kritika Global’s answer is to…give a free character slot.

Yep. I guess we can say that they’re giving away a $50 value, but once again Kritika Global is not worth $50 in any currency. It’s a move similar to draping a towel over where the dog vomited on the couch rather than actually just cleaning it up. It ignores all of the other problems with Kritika Global preventing it from retaining players.

I could go into those problems in detail again but I generally refuse to care about MMOs more than the developer, and I have yet to see any indication that ALLM Co. cares about the health of Kritika Global outside of trying to panhandle some buckeroos out of a few whales before the venture goes belly up and they make the “hard decision” to shut the servers down yet again sometime in 2023 while planning the next failed and even lower quality relaunch.

Oh and ALLM Co is still running a scam keeping their 2017 accolades on the website.

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