Hotcakes: One Month Later, Kritika Is A Bomb

It’s still Wednesday, damnit.

Kritka Global is some of the most cynical garbage we’ve talked about here at MMO Fallout and after a month on Steam I’m happy to say it’s been a complete and utter failure. Over the last couple of weeks Kritika Global has been struggling to breach 40 concurrent users, and over the last few days it’s begun dipping well below the 20 player count. At this rate, and very soon, the game will be regularly in the single digits. More than it deserves.

Kritika Global can rot in hell.

And I’m not even specifically talking about the web3 garbage, but the cynical way that it was shoved into the game for ALLM Co’s stupid, misguided greed and attempt to pretend they won’t quickly shut down a game that’s been abandoned and reset several times now. The $50 character slots, the changes to the game’s balance and loot to lazily try to push people to create alts and buy cash shop revivals, etc.

It’s not like Kritika would be a smash hit if only it didn’t have the web3 stuff. Kritika has been a market failure multiple times over, but that’s not going to stop ALLM Co. from swindling a few more whales for this next go around. I have to imagine at this point that the overhead on the game is next to nothing, given the servers seem to be running on the lowest end hardware possible and the team seems to be less than a half dozen people. Outside of Kritika’s own account, there have been about five tweets regarding the game over the last two weeks.

It’s dead, Jim.

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