Diaries From Fortnite: Is That Geralt of Rivia?

It probably is.

I unlocked Geralt this week. If there’s one thing I never get tired of in Fortnite, it’s the game’s ability to make me think I’ll never end up finishing a quest chain and then suddenly I’m done with the quest chain and didn’t even realize it.

In the couple of weeks since Geralt’s addition to Fortnite I had kind of given up hope of deliberately going out of my way to complete his quests. Most of them are easy enough and require a couple of rounds and determination to finish. But the singular mission that threw me off was “defeat a boss.” Because at that point the only boss was The Ageless, someone I had killed many times before.

But with The Ageless being the only boss and Geralt’s skin being reliant on you beating that only boss, that meant out of the 99 players dropping into the island that probably 20+ were gunning straight for the same target. At least during launch week.

But time heals all wounds, and makes Fortnite objectives easier as the crowd disperses. More importantly, Fortnite bumped up the ongoing plot with new factions. Introduced last week was the Cold Blooded Syndicate, a faction of robbers who took over several locations on the island and guard loot. Three new locations, three new bosses. Now Fortnite has four bosses on the map and more places of interest to spread people out.

I actually completed the challenge without realizing it, as I finished off the boss at Bastion that another player was fighting in order to complete the challenge to open the vault.

There are a lot of niceties with Fortnite when it comes to completing missions, like how very few missions these days require you to complete several steps in the same match. And they are rare enough that I find them enjoyable distractions, like hiding in a snowball, a leaf pile, and a haystack in the same match. For the “complete 3 bounties” if another player kills your quarry first you still obtain the completion even if you don’t get a reward.

And Epic seems to be taking a different track this chapter in how the game changes. Because prior seasons made big changes to the map over the course of the season. Chapter 4 meanwhile seems to be focusing on altering the gameplay itself, particularly with the mass rotation of weapons and the gradual introduction of new augments. For example there have been nearly 50 weapons either introduced or unvaulted over the course of the season.

That’s crazy.

And that’s all I have to talk about with Fortnite for the moment. Now I have the Geralt skin I’ve so wanted that I will probably not wear more than once.

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