Steam: Valve Bans Another 40 Apps

The November ban wave just keeps coming.

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Steam: Valve Bans Chinese Shovelware

Mass ban? I don’t know.

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SuperPower 3 Is The Lowest Rated Steam Game

Everyone hates it.

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Kritika Global Extends Sad Olive Branch

One new character slot.

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Domina Dev Throws Tantrum On Steam

Because Valve won’t uphold his censorship.

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Steam: OOTP Baseball Gets Pulled From Sale

Some titles are already gone.

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Slow News: MultiVersus Is In Open Beta Today

That’s a thing.

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Valve Nukes Developer VR Retro Remaster

Knocks out a couple dozen titles.

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Abandonware: Divergence Online Forced Off Sale

One of Ethan Casner’s scams.

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Abandonware The Exiled Yanked From Steam

After years of scamming users.

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