Former Funcom Execs Sentenced To Prison Term In Fraud Investigation

While Kingdoms of Amalur may take the title of the game that Rhode Island paid for, The Secret World will go down as one of the few games to result in criminal convictions. We’ve been covering on and off the tribulations of Funcom’s former executives who have been under investigation since the launch of The Secret World in 2012 (yes it has been five years) and subsequent resignations. For those who have forgotten, then Funcom CEO Trond Aas resigned from his position and sold off a huge chunk of his stocks. Funcom’s offices were raided in 2014 over allegations of insider trading and last year Aas and a few other executives were arrested and charged with market manipulation and insider trading.

The men involved have been convicted and sentenced to serving between 85 days and 13 months in prison. It is important to note that Funcom itself has not been involved in the litigation for quite some time. The developer was fined in 2015 for irregularities and it appears that their involvement ends there.

(Source: Massively)

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