[NM] Rooster Teeth’s Game Launches, Immediately Dies

Vicious Circle is a game developed by Rooster Teeth Games and launched on August 12, 2019 making it just one month old as of this week. It looks like No Man’s Sky and not just because you’ll have to fly across the galaxy in order to find another person. It labels itself “an uncooperative multiplayer shooter in which mercenaries compete for loot against a terrifying monster.”

It is also a massive flop just one month after launch. Vicious Circle launched on Steam last month to a peak of 304 players and as of this writing has seen a 24 hour peak of six. Radical Heights, the dead Battle Royale game that shut down a long time ago, peaked at four concurrent players on Steam over the same period. And it doesn’t have functioning servers. Battleborn has a higher player count.

Warner Media announced this week that they would be cutting 50 jobs at Rooster Teeth, approximately 13% of the employee force at the company. Vicious Circle was not specifically mentioned in the announced layoffs.

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