Taco Tuesday: Now The Gloves Come Off



In this week’s Taco Tuesday, I want to talk about Missing Worlds Media and City of Titans. With the Kickstarter now over and the money getting set to roll in, it must be understood that playtime is (mostly) over. No longer can Missing Worlds Media be treated as the ragtag group of volunteers with a dream for a better tomorrow that may never be realized. They have accepted money and that means, for better or for worse, City of Titans is going to happen. This means setting budgets, deadlines, and someone to enforce both. It means you now have real customers and obligations to meet, and people that you need to answer to.

As far as expectations go, Missing Worlds Media is now on the level of other independent game studios. This means that the excuse of “we’re just a group of volunteers” doesn’t cut it anymore. That works for games like Black Mesa, where the development team was literally an unfunded group of volunteers. City of Titans, on the other hand, has money going into it by people who are going to expect the product that they paid for. The Kickstarter should be the point where the team at Missing Worlds Media recognizes that City of Titans is now a serious project that they have committed to. This isn’t to say that the fun has to go away, but the stakes are higher and the game has officially begun.



At the risk of being branded a cynic, devil’s advocate, hater, etc, let me just say that I still have high hopes for City of Titans and will continue supporting it here at MMO Fallout, but with the understanding that this is when Missing Worlds Media needs to buckle down and make this game their priority rather than just a project to be worked on by a group of volunteers. This means managing the team, schedule, and the funds that drive it all.

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