Crimecraft Shutting Down August 31

Mayn Games has announced that Crimecraft: Gang Wars will shut down on August 31. Crimecraft launched in August 2009 with a box price, subscription fee, and in-game sponsored ads (in the form of billboards for Best Buy, Napster, etc) to boot. Barely two months out, and following financial woes at Vogster Entertainment, Crimecraft dropped the mandatory subscription and box price, choosing instead to go for a unlimited trial with optional bonus subscriptions.

Despite a poor launch, Crimecraft was able to launch two expansions, Bleedout and Gang Wars, before Vogster handed the game over to Mayn Games in 2012. Since then the game has faded into relative obscurity, its charts showing a population plummeting to an average of about 10 players at any given time on Steam. Crimecraft’s population issues similarly weren’t helped by the game not being compatible with Windows 10.

For the past years, we did our best to support the game and make players to enjoy it. It was a very hard choice to make, but despite the overwhelming support of our loyal players, this was the way it had to go. We are grateful to all players for continued support of the game.

(Source: Mayn Games)

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