Marvel Heroes Patch Introduces Major Bugs, Emergency Maintenance Coming

MarvelHeroes2015 2015-07-16 22-10-10-06

Gazillion Entertainment launched the latest patch for Marvel Heroes, leaving a lot of broken pieces in its wake. Players are reporting latency issues, poor performance in certain areas, and an inability to get into the game at all. To top things off, some (including yours truly) are experiencing disconnections with the error “error saving characters, please contact support,” kicking them off of the server and losing approximately ten minutes of progression in the process.

There are a metric ton of errors being reported across the game and cash shop as part of the patch, and the general consensus among many is to just leave the game alone until Gazillion has a chance to fix it. Luckily, an emergency patch is set to go live in a few hours, at 10pm Pacific (1am Eastern).

We’re currently planning for the emergency patch to fix this issue and a few others for 10PM PDT tonight. Will keep you updated once I know for sure with an officiall announcement.

For those of you who were looking to get your Marvel Heroes fill tonight, well you can always brave it out and hope you don’t get hit by the ‘error saving characters’ bug. Just be aware that if you open up lockboxes and you get disconnected losing your progress, you’ll have to re-open them.

(Source: Marvel Heroes)

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