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Bethesda’s Support Website Leaks Personal Information

Fallout 76: It’s a game that was afforded maybe two hours of good press before Bethesda drove it straight into a brick wall. Bethesda’s games are notoriously buggy, but evidently not even their support system can escape the company curse. Such is the story of Reddit user Jessiepie who found her account suddenly able to view […]

This Week’s Update Killed Old School RuneScape’s Economy, So Jagex Rolled It Back

Old School RuneScape is reeling from a massive bug that resulted in the servers being taken offline for a few hours and, in an unprecedented move, Jagex rolling characters back to pre-update. An unfortunate oversight in this week’s update allowed players to turn various items into fat stacks of cash upon death. As you can […]

Planetside 2 Rolls Out New Event System, Weapons, and More

Daybreak Game Company has released the latest update for Planetside 2, bringing forth continent-wide events and more. Continent events bring back the aerial anomaly event, tasking the three factions with controlling the most facilities of a certain type within a 30 minute timer, also making all aerial vehicles free to spawn during that time frame. […]

[NM] For Honor Exploit Costs Ubisoft $10,000 After Ignoring Major Game Balance Issues

It’s a tale that sounds tailor made for news headlines, but at a recent tournament held by Ubisoft for For Honor, the grand prize of $10 thousand ultimately went to contestants who played, dare we say it, dishonorably. The Hero Series is an effort by Ubisoft to bring players back to its fighting game For […]

Perfect World Entertainment Claims Lockboxes Preview As Bug

Perfect World Entertainment has dug itself into a controversy this week as the company made the announcement that loot previews are being removed from lockboxes. According to a post on the main website, although this feature has been in the game for a long time, it is evidently a bug. As such, the “bug” is […]

PSA: How To Fix Your Frozen Neverwinter PS4 Character

Players in Neverwinter on PS4 are finding that logging out in certain areas causes the game to break, freezing upon re-entry with no fix in sight (including reinstalling the game from scratch). The problem, it appears, is not on the client’s end but on the server’s side. The issue hasn’t been fixed yet, but there […]

ArcheAge 2.0 Rolled Back After Major Server Issues

If you’ve been out of the loop as I have for the past couple of days, you may have missed the launch of ArcheAge 2.0. Thankfully, you didn’t miss much, as an issue with the Glyph authentication system resulted in over 90% of players being denied access to the game. As many of you are […]

Marvel Heroes Patch Introduces Major Bugs, Emergency Maintenance Coming

Gazillion Entertainment launched the latest patch for Marvel Heroes, leaving a lot of broken pieces in its wake. Players are reporting latency issues, poor performance in certain areas, and an inability to get into the game at all. To top things off, some (including yours truly) are experiencing disconnections with the error “error saving characters, […]

Trion Worlds Offers Refunds To Bug Abusers

Trion Worlds is offering loyalty token refunds for players who purchased the Mirage Donkey mount with the purpose of exploiting a bug, after said bug was fixed. The exploit allowed the donkey to run faster while strafing or going backward than it did moving forward. Community manager Scapes posted the following on the Trion Worlds […]

MMOrning Shots: Anti-gravity

Today’s MMOrning Shots comes to us from Defiance. I didn’t fully understand why the Volge were constantly attacking E-Rep camps until I came across the above area and realized that they are trying to steal our anti-gravity technology. The hovering truck is one thing, but I’m not sure what the point of the levitating garbage […]

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