New World Update Shockingly Breaks Everything

Nobody could have seen this coming.

New World’s January update is here, and despite Amazon’s so far absolutely fantastic stellar track record in updating the game without breaking everything, I swear, today’s update has in fact seemingly broken everything. Foremost the game has apparently broken storage in towns, not only causing the game to think a player’s storage is overfilled without it being overfilled, and preventing them from doing any crafting.

We are aware that players are experiencing an issue where the storage unit is not stacking items properly, causing the unique item limit to be reached before the intended limit as well as players unable to craft with materials in storage. The team is working on providing a fix as soon as possible. We will keep this thread updated when we have more information.

Meanwhile chat and trading broke for just about everyone as the game started enforcing new account limits on everyone. According to numerous player reports, you can’t sell anything obtained or crafted prior to today’s patch. Territory influence seems broken, as does the property tax system that was just updated, and Amazon have apparently gone through the effort of killing the ability to view server numbers.

It is possible for players to enter a state where they can’t gather anything, for fishing lures to not be consumed upon use, and for some reason shields are downgrading in rarity. The list of known issues following the January patch is absolutely massive and kinda makes you wonder how Amazon, a company with more wealth than God, seemingly has no functioning QA department despite the existence of a public test realm and thousands of unpaid customers filing bug reports prior to a patch launch.

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