Fractured Online Warns About Hacking

After banning multiple members of a guild.

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to worry about people hacking in online games during beta, or at all, but this isn’t a perfect world. Dynamight Studios CEO Jacopo Gallelli took to the internet today to announce that the Fractured Online team was forced to permanently ban several members of the same guild after they were caught using hacks to bypass restrictions on various spell/skill limits.

The post apologizes foremost for the oversight that led to the hack being possible, and warns that as every player action is logged that exploits like this will eventually get caught. Players who stumble upon exploits and bugs are recommended to report them and not exploit them.

Everyone in the community is thereforeĀ encouraged to find bugs, exploits and even hacks, but these are all to beĀ reported immediately and in no way exploited. Failure to do so will lead to a ban that could range from days to permanent, according to the seriousness of the exploit. Like all MMOs, we have player action logging systems. Abuse of an exploit will always get caught eventually.

Source: Fractured Online

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