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Bethesda’s Support Website Leaks Personal Information

Fallout 76: It’s a game that was afforded maybe two hours of good press before Bethesda drove it straight into a brick wall. Bethesda’s games are notoriously buggy, but evidently not even their support system can escape the company curse. Such is the story of Reddit user Jessiepie who found her account suddenly able to view […]

Making Memories: Low Cost Tickets Round Trip

At one point, as shown above, you were able to select from a huge supply of Act 3 tickets on Hellgate: Global. Nowadays you’re lucky if there are even any on the marketplace, and the prices above are just a fraction of how much they’ll cost you. If you have a game memory you want […]

Everquest II’s Goblin Games Seems Inspired By Squeal of Fortune

I have to imagine that somewhere out there, at least one person has stopped playing RuneScape because of Squeal of Fortune, and wound up playing Everquest II instead. The odds are low, incredibly so, but with time my mind seems to think that such a person must be, and gee, will this news stink. For […]

Hellgate Global: Status Update and Ticket Prices

Back in July, I talked about how players can get access to Hellgate Global’s Act 3 ticket and Tokyo expansion without paying a dime by paying for the tickets on the in-game auction house. At the time, the tickets only cost a few hundred thousand palladium. In September, I updated the post with another update: […]

Hellgate: Stuck At Waterloo Bridge Passageway

[Update: The tickets for Act 3 and Tokyo are now free for everyone. You can find them at an NPC vendor in the first hub] When Hellgate: London relaunched, I decided to incorporate it into a new run of features titled “How Free Can You Be?” So far, I’ve already incorporated titles including Turbine’s games, […]

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