Fortnite: Workaround For Missing NPCs

Superman didn’t show up to Fortnite today.

Today’s update for Fortnite finally introduces Clark Kent and Superman to the game, and the only people who don’t seem aware of this are Clark Kent and Superman. And Beast Boy. And Batman. If you head into Fortnite to grab the Superman missions you might be disappointed to find none of the NPCs you need to talk to for their missions are actually in the game. They slept in. Or Epic didn’t add them. Or something.

The good news is that you can still take quests and it’s slightly less annoying than picking through one of three NPC locations. If you head to any of the payphones dotting the Fortnite landscape, you can check the missions to obtain them from Beast Boy, Superman, or Batman. Those missions count, and they’re generally easy missions with 60 minute time limits rather than those that need to be completed that match only.

Very simple, and obsolete once they fix the NPCs.

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