Galaxies of Eden Online Hits Alpha In 2022

Rev up those Star Wars Galaxies comparisons.

Take a gander at the recently announced Galaxies of Eden Online and your brain is probably going to swing naturally toward Star Wars Galaxies comparisons. In development over the past two years by some folks who call themselves MIR Cybernetics Corporation, Galaxies of Eden Online bills itself as a modern MMO that brings back social gameplay where no single player is powerful enough to succeed alone.

And if the trailer doesn’t convince you, the reveal of classes such as architect, surveyor, vehicle engineer, and artist should do the trick. Is it finally viable to create a class whose sole purpose is dancing in bars again? I sure hope so.

Once game is released we will start working on the space-based gameplay and try to make player-owned spaceships available at the end of post-release first year. In post-release second year, we plan to make story missions and roleplaying systems a major focus as well as expanding the content involving space-based gameplay. Game is expected to match with our vision around post-release second year.

Of course the MMO industry is nothing without its promises, promises, promises, but since it costs absolutely nothing to keep Galaxies of Eden in the corner of your eye, we’ll keep our expectations realistic and our attention focused.

Source: Galaxies of Eden

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