Astellia Says Yes, It Is Shutting Down

The weekend’s worst held secret.

Update: Refund information is available on the official website.

Astellia is shutting down, and if you read our Monday Hotcakes article this announcement should be less surprising than the sun coming up. Sure Astellia was pulled from sale on Saturday with no mention for three days, but better late than never, right?

The folks at Studio8 announced the shutdown this morning revealing that the servers will close down for the last time on October 29. It should be noted that while the announcement mentions details of “service termination and refund” the actual timeline contains no information about a refund. That’s a pretty tall order for Studio8.

Before detailed announcement, we are deeply grateful to all users playing Astellia for the interest and support. Unfortunately, we have the decision to terminate Astellia service.
We regretfully inform you that Astellia service will be closed on October 29th, 2021(Fri).
We would like to thank you for playing Astellia until now, and please find below for detailed schedule of service termination and refund.

More information as it comes. Astellia Royal has not announced its closure yet, although the game is still unavailable for new players to add to their accounts on Steam.

Source: Steam

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