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Anarchy Online Releases On Steam

Funcom has announced that its science fiction MMO Anarchy Online is now available on Steam. The game is free to play and can be downloaded here. “Anarchy Online is one of the longest living online games in the world and millions of players have made the planet of Rubi-ka their home,” said Funcom CEO Rui […]


Funcom Ends Major Updates For Anarchy Online/Age of Conan

In their latest quarterly report, Funcom has announced that there is no further significant work expected for both Anarchy Online and Age of Conan. Both games are presumably still profitable as they contributed a heavy portion of Funcom’s revenue this past quarter, however as far as development costs go it looks like the writing is […]

Funcom Celebrating 15 Years of Anarchy Online

Funcom is excited to announce that‘Anarchy Online’, the first Sci-Fi MMORPG and one of the longest-running titles in the genre, celebrates its 15th anniversary today! As part of the celebration, Funcom invites everyone who has ever played‘Anarchy Online’ to join in the festivities between June 23rd and July 11th (regardless of current Membership status).  New […]

Anarchy Online’s New Graphics Engine Releases

The wait for Anarchy Online’s new engine dates back to MMO Fallout’s infancy, literally. We’ve been around since July 2009, and the new engine was uncovered that December. Players who have stuck around have a good reason to rejoice, as Funcom has announced that the new engine is finally available on the live server. The […]

MMO Hall of Fame Inducts Two New Games

The MMO Hall of Fame has announced the inductees for the 2015 ceremony. Out of a grand total of 173 candidates, two titles managed to sneak past the 60% requirement to make it into the hall of fame, and those games are Lineage II and Anarchy Online. Doug Kale, curator of the hall of fame, […]

Anarchy Online Introduces PLEX, But Not For Free Players

Funcom is jumping on board the PLEX train with the introduction of GRACE to Anarchy Online. GRACE, or Grid Access Credit Extension, costs $14.95 USD, and adds 30 days of game time to an account. GRACE can only be traded through the in-game market, does not count towards your market inventory limit, and cannot be […]

Funcom Offices Raided By Economic Crime Unit

News out of Norway is that Funcom employees showing up to work this morning were met by the economic crimes unit Økokrim. Police raided the Funcom offices, retrieving boxes full of seized documents. According to News in English, the raid is related to an investigation over whether or not Funcom breached disclosure requirements related to The […]

Anarchy Online Engine Upgrade Is Real, And Coming

The Anarchy Online engine upgrade is on its way. Stop laughing, I’m serious, it’s coming, and sooner than you think. Funcom has released their monthly behind the scenes for Anarchy Online, revealing that closed beta isn’t just coming, it is practically here. Signps are expected to open soon for the closed beta, during which players […]

Funcom Bigwigs Weigh In On Relocation

With the recent layoffs Funcom’s Montreal/Raleigh offices and closure of Funcom’s Beijing office, everyone is asking: What does this mean for Age of Conan? Or The Secret World? Or Anarchy Online? Or that Lego Minifigure MMO? Or that kid’s game you probably never heard of? Each of the game’s directors have written their own letters […]

70,000 Copies of The Secret World Sold Since Buy To Play

Alright, so first the bad news. Funcom has released a brand new press release where they discuss that the company will be undergoing some continued restructuring. Costs will be reduced through the closure and consolidation of offices to create a more unified organization. The goal is to use Funcom’s new streamlined technology to better serve […]