Derek Smart, Indie Devs, And Death Threats


As those of you who follow my Twitter account (see right hand side of page) know, I spent a good part of last night following up on a story that broke earlier in the day yesterday. Derek Smart, game developer and ex-Star Citizen pledge, posted via social media that he had received a death threat over his continued criticism of Chris Roberts and the handling of Star Citizen’s development. While death threats have become common enough that the media pretty much glosses over them these days, the source of the threat was even more interesting.

The email, posted in full by Smart to social media, originates from an email address owned by Carlos Bott, mobile developer and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland. Smart also posted the raw data from the email to show that it did indeed originate from the SAE servers. MMO Fallout was able to corroborate via a third party source who wished to go unnamed that the email did originate from SAE’s servers likely using Google Apps to manage their email.

MMO Fallout reached out to Bott, who has fully denied sending the email in question. Judging from my contact with both parties, it seems very likely that this could break out into legal action in the near future. For our readers, we suggest not jumping to conclusions or presuming guilt until more details can be shared.

Any further information will be covered as it arises.

7 thoughts on “Derek Smart, Indie Devs, And Death Threats”

      1. Hi con-artist Carlos, where’s your non-existent portfolio?
        Guess what happened to SAE Singapore? It shut down. Hahahahahahahahaaaaa.

  1. The teachers at SAE don’t care about their students, do nonsense, do not teach and impart knowledge. They are only there to lecture and do their job, not to give you ability to make a living.

  2. Can the site owner contact me? I have more detailed info what happened to SAE after Carlos posted his death-threats on-line.

  3. and yet here we are some 2yrs later and Derek hasn’t sued typical old toothless never was.Totally doesn’t have anything to do with him being stone cold broke and riddled with debts on long overdue mortages payments.

    You only have to look at Derek’s own livestreams to see he’s full of crap when it comes to his own wealth, he claims to be worth $200 million yet uses a cheap $10 Headset/Mic and he can’t even configure that.

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