RuneScape Deadman Mode Now Offers Health Insurance


The only guarantee in Deadman life is death and taxes, and I’m not so sure about the taxes. Today’s update to the hardcore PvP mode makes it possible to buy health insurance, the option to pay to keep your health from going below a certain level upon death. HP insurance is a one time, nonrefundable payment to keep your health at 25, 50, and 75 respectively with the cost going up for each level.

A strange woman named Gelin has appeared in Lumbridge graveyard selling life insurance. For a reasonable price you can insure your hitpoint stat to guarantee that it will not fall below a certain level when you die in Deadman mode.

Health insurance was voted in by 83% of players in a poll earlier this month. Also included in today’s update is a major change to experience loss on death. Dying to a player while unskulled will now result in a 25% experience loss in unprotected skills rather than 50%.

(Source: RuneScape)

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