PSA: How To Fix Your Frozen Neverwinter PS4 Character


Players in Neverwinter on PS4 are finding that logging out in certain areas causes the game to break, freezing upon re-entry with no fix in sight (including reinstalling the game from scratch). The problem, it appears, is not on the client’s end but on the server’s side.

The issue hasn’t been fixed yet, but there is a quick fix that will get the game working for you.

On certain occasions, loading out of Helm’s Hold, Vellosk and a few other maps, and then logging back in will result in the game freezing on the loading screen. To work around this issue, log into an alternate character, then switch back. You may also submit a ticket to our support at

If you’ve experienced this bug in Neverwinter, did this fix work? Let us know in the comments below.

(Source: Neverwinter)

5 thoughts on “PSA: How To Fix Your Frozen Neverwinter PS4 Character”

  1. Helms hold on two characters now I can’t play at all -.- get yo shit together!

  2. Try the switch to another char, go to protector enclave then try loading again, worked for me just now actually!

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