The Exiled Experiments With Not Letting People Play, It Doesn’t Work

The Exiled is a game that MMO Fallout has covered to some extent over the past year, it’s a quirky little MMO that seems to suffer mostly from poor marketing and low population, the latter likely influenced by the former. Oh and the developer Fairytale Distillery has made some arguably boneheaded experimental moves over the past few months.

One of The Exiled’s draws is that the game runs on seasons, allowing the team to experiment with new modes and ideas, see what works and what doesn’t. Back in August, with the launch of season 6, the team decided to take the living world and make it not so living by reducing the availability of servers to just three hours per day. Odds are if you attempted to give the game a look during the last two months, you logged in during one of the 21 daily hours where the servers were off.

It was a well-meaning idea, limit the server availability so players would be logging in during the same hours, but in practice it just meant that nobody was playing. Literally. With the next season set to start on October 6, servers will once again be available 24 hours each day. Fairytale Distillery will also be refraining from making any big content changes until they have more of a concrete plan for the game’s future.

 We will go back to the drawing board with our plans to re-set the game. Expect smaller bug fixes from us in the coming seasons but no major changes. We are still supporting the game, keeping the servers running and answering your support tickets but as long as we have no convincing plan for the future of the game we will not make any further major changes to it.

(Source: Steam)

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