Kickstarter Ketchup: Identity By Asylum Entertainment

Identity is an open world MMORPG by Asylum Entertainment that was successfully Kickstarted back in early 2015 to the tune of $187 thousand Canadian dollars. Following a tumultuous journey, it finally launched into early access on Steam on November 30, 2018. One year later, MMO Fallout is ready to check up on its progress.

Identity describes itself as:

“Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG for PC and Mac with complete freedom to do almost anything you can imagine at any time in first or third person views.  Live as an honest civilian, a criminal, police officer, paramedic and many more.  There are no levels or skill grinding, but talent and perk progression so that it’s the actions of you, not your character, which matter most.”

Sure. In reality, Identity has presently released with its first “module” called The Town Square. The town square lets you walk around and enjoy a “bunch of interesting and fun things to do.” What are those fun things to do? Who knows. It might behoove the folks at Asylum Entertainment to actually list some of the activities currently available in-game on the store page whose existence is solely to sell people on your game. It is $30 in early access after all.

How is the public enjoying their open world MMO? They aren’t. All time reviews hold the game at 38% “mostly negative” rating on Steam while the last month rates in at an even more dismal 29% “mostly negative” rating. Traffic ratings are even worse, as the title hasn’t broken double digit peak players since April of this year. The latest content patch news posted is from June 26, however the developer has been quite active on their Twitter account. Assuring people that the game has not been abandoned and referring to Steam’s refund policy.

Identity doesn’t appear to be in a great place right now, but that’s not to say the project is dead or abandoned. According to Asylum Entertainment the next module up for release is the Swat module followed by racing. We’ve seen games start off on rocky grounds and then recover over time, so who is to say that Identity has already doomed itself? Only time and a proper release schedule will tell.

Source: Steam

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