Fallout 76 Seasons Will Be Free, Says Bethesda

Gamers are angry.

Gamers are angry at Bethesda over some Fallout 76 related mishegas. As shocking as that sounds related to a game that has notoriously avoided controversy since its launch, Bethesda rustled some jimmies a few days ago when they unveiled a roadmap for the rest of 2020.

The roadmap detailed summer, fall, and winter updates including what looked like a battle pass. Immediately this renewed criticism over Bethesda’s monetization strategy surrounding the title. Thankfully Bethesda has clarified that the seasons will be free for all players, with the possibility of bonus rewards for subscribers at some point in the future.


One thought on “Fallout 76 Seasons Will Be Free, Says Bethesda”

  1. I was reading the forums when they made this announcement. To be fair, the language wasn’t as precise as it could of been. They did make it seem like this season was the only one that would be free. On the other hand, the internet’s tendency to egregiously overreact to even the tiniest detail still holds true as well.

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