Riot And Bungie Sue Cheat Maker

Because of all the cheats.

Riot and Bungie have joined forces like Abbott and Costello only through the court room. The corporate cinematic universe teamup has formed to take down cheat seller GatorCheats. The lawsuit invokes the DMCA rules against circumventing anti-cheat technologies used on Valorant and Destiny 2.

Defendant Cameron Santos has allegedly made a pretty penny through GatorCheats as Valorant’s services range from $90-500 for one month to lifetime access. Riot’s lawyers allege that Santos has made upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling his Valorant aimbot.

As part of the lawsuit Riot and Bungie want the operation shut down, the defendant restrained from selling or supporting any cheat software permanently, access to the sales information, maximum statutory damages, lawyers fees, and more.

Source: Polygon

Riot, Bungie lawsuit by Polygondotcom

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