Wild Terra 2 Adds Roadmap And Map

Finally know where you are and where the devs are.

Wild Terra 2 has finally added in the much requested map to the in-game menu. A map has always existed if you were part of the game’s Discord, but now it’s much easier for all players to access. The map shows all sorts of information and will apparently be updated in the future with more functionality.

Meanwhile Juvty Worlds revealed their roadmap going into 2021. The Spring update includes improvements to fishing and cooking among balances and more things to farm. The fishing update is a welcome sight as the current iteration of fishing is needlessly obtuse and complicated for the average user, and in many instances is just about barely functioning. Cooking buffs offer longer lasting effects while increasing the value of cooked food.

Meanwhile the summer adds in a seaport town for trading as well as a new continent to explore. Wild Terra 2 is great, but it’s small, and the player base is cramped with open world housing. An auction house will add a convenient place for players to trade goods without spamming chat 24/7. More passive bonuses for peaceful skills as well. The Autumn sees the launch of Season 1 with a massive quality of life increase. Daily quests, mini dungeons, new weapon types, and all sorts of stuff coming into the game.

Source: Wild Terra 2

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