Early Access Checkup: Win That War #4

Win That War is a big scam in 2021.

Win That War entered into early access back in 2017, meaning today marks four years since its launch. The title originally advertised its early access period as four to six months, making it obvious how badly those plans went. Win That War is an MMORTS that lacks the M, the M, and the O.

Why? Well the folks at Insane Unity shut down in 2017 and abandoned the game. While there is a single player tutorial mode that is still functional, the online portion has been offline for years. In September of 2018 an entity called Bidaj purchased the game and promised development.

Announce: on 24th of September 2018 Win That War! game was purchased by Bidaj gaming studio and developing of this game finally continues after 1 year! Stay tuned and thanks for your support and patience. We will do our best to bring this game out as soon as possible.

What did they do with that purchase? Absolutely nothing. Bidaj never so much as hotfixed the game given the last update was in June 2017. It’s obvious three years later that Bidaj isn’t doing any work on the game and is only keeping the title on the Steam store to siphon any potential sales from the $20 it asks for. Outside of the people who manage to request a refund within the time limit.

Don’t buy this.

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